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India Tourism showcased in Vietnam

Posted on: April 11, 2024 | Back | Print

India Tourism showcased in Vietnam

India Tourism pavilion at a leading annual travel fair ‘Vietnam International Travel Mart’ (VITM) 2024 in Hanoi is showcasing Incredible India to Vietnamese tourism agencies, businesses and people in cooperation between Embassy of India, Hanoi and the Indian Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi.  The Indian pavilion at 13th VITM 2024 was inaugurated on 11 April 2024 by the Chairman of Vietnamese National Tourism Authority, H.E. Mr. Nguyen Trung Khanh together with the Ambassador of India. At the opening of VITM, Indian music and dance was presented by teachers and students of the Indian cultural centre in Hanoi.

2. Tourism has been witnessing healthy growth between India and Vietnam in the last couple of years. It is estimated that in 2023, more than 40,000 Vietnamese travellers would have visited India, which represents a substantive increase over the previous year. For Vietnamese tourists, Buddhist sites in India, Indian architectural and civilizational heritage, nature, adventure and various dimensions of Indian culture are of growing interest. 

3. The VITM 2024 is being organized by Vietnam Society of Travel Agents with support from Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Vietnam Tourism Association from 11-14 April 2024 and it is being attended by sixteen countries and territories including India. Apart from cultural performances, India is disseminating select print material, videos and digital information to visitors, businesses, travel agencies and local media in Vietnam. The Indian pavilion witnessed impressive footfall on the first day of VITM 2024 which represents sound visible interest in India, touristic trend and further opportunities for tourism from Vietnam to India. 

4. To realize large and growing potential of tourism from Vietnam to India, the Embassy and authorities in India have been organizing in the recent past conducted tours of Vietnamese travel operators to various touristic locations in India.  The Embassy is also enhancing awareness about tourism opportunities in India through outreach meetings with Vietnamese travel agencies and promotional material in Vietnamese language across Vietnam, electronically and through digital media.  Direct flight connection between six cities in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Tiruchirappalli) and the two main cities in Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City) have also facilitated greater tourism travel between the two countries. Vietnamese tour operators are increasingly offering travel packages for Vietnamese travellers to various locations in India. 

5. In the light of enormous interest and warmth at the level of the people of India and Vietnam, greater two-way tourism and travel between the two countries will enhance people level appreciation, and further strengthen Indian-Vietnam comprehensive strategic partnership.

11 April 2024