About Us General Information

The Consular Wing of the Embassy of India, Hanoi can be contacted for the following services:

  • Visa services for all foreign passport holders (Please note that Diplomatic, Official and UN passports should be accompanied by Note Verbale)  

  • All services relating to Indian passports

  • All services relating to OCI (Overseas Citizens of India) Cards

  • All services relating to Emergency Certificates and Identity Certificates

  • Police Clearance Certificates

  • Registration and issue of Birth and Death Certificates and Registration of Marriage.

  • Attestation of documents

  • Swearing in of Oaths / Affidavits / Power of Attorney etc.


All applicants seeking Consular Services (Visa, Renewal of Passport, OCI & Other Services) from the Embassy are required to obtain online appointment from the “Online Portal for Consular Services” on the Home Page of Embassy’s website

Important Information:

  • India allows import of two pet animals as baggage only to persons transferring their residence to India after two years of continuous stay abroad, subject to production of the required health certificate from the country of origin and examination of pets by the concerned Quarantine Officer in India. 

  • Visa applicants are advised not to illegally carry / use satellite phones in India.

Implementation of Biometrics for Issuance of Visa

In keeping with extant regulations of the Government of India, the Embassy of India, Hanoi has put in place necessary arrangements for biometric enrolment and authentication for issuance of Visas. It is brought to the notice of all the visa applicants that enrollment of biometrics is mandatory. All the visa applicants in the age group from 12 - 70 years have to appear in person at the Visa section of the Embassy along with their visa applications for the purpose.

With the implementation of Biometric enrollment at the Embassy of India, Hanoi, the applicants would be granted multiple entry tourist visa/business visa for five years as a default option. Grant of 5-year tourist visa will be with the stipulation that continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 90 days. Grant of 5-year Business visa will be with the stipulation that continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 180 days. On specific cases/requests, where requirements is for a shorter period, the period of visa can be curtailed.

Notice: Use of Thuraya /Iridium Satellite phones is banned in India. Unauthorised use of such phones will lead of confiscation of the same and will attract prosecution as per relevant laws governing use of satellite phones in India. Visitors are advised not to carry/use satellite phones during their visit to India.