About Us Embassy Officials

Name of Officer Designation Email
Mr. Pranay Verma Ambassador amb.hanoi@mea.gov.in
Mr. Subhash P. Gupta Deputy Chief of Mission dcm.hanoi@mea.gov.in
Mr. Sushil Prasad First Secretary (Pol, Press & Info)/Head of Chancery



Ms. Mini D Kumam  First Secretary (Eco, Com & DP)



Col. Varadan Kumar Defence Attache defwing.hanoi@mea.gov.in
Ms. Rachna Srivastav First Secretary (Consular) cons.hanoi@mea.gov.in 
Vacant  [Director(SVCC)] diricc.hanoi@mea.gov.in
Mr. D J M Rao  Second Secretary (Coord) sspol.hanoi@mea.gov.in
Mr. Rajeev Kumar Attaché (Admin) ga.hanoi@mea.gov.in 
Mr. Shivam Singh  Attaché (E&C) com1.hanoi@mea.gov.in 
Mr. Inderjeet Singh Kala Attaché (Pol)  pol1.hanoi@mea.gov.in 
Mr. D P Pramod Kumar Attaché to Ambassador amb.hanoi@mea.gov.in