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Press Release on Completion of conservation and restoration of A, H & K temples at My Son Sanctuary.

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Embassy of India Hanoi
Press Release

Completion of conservation and restoration of A, H & K temples at My Son Sanctuary

Archaeological Survey of India has completed the conservation and restoration work of A, H & K group of temples at UNESCO heritage site of My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam province of Vietnam after five years of intricate and meticulous work on site. A ceremony to mark the completion of this work and handing over of the site was attended by representatives of the Quang Nam province, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Archaeological Survey of India and Embassy of India in Hanoi.

My Son Sanctuary and its remarkable architectural ensemble dates from the 4th to the 13th Centuries CE and is located in the Duy Xuyen District of Quang Nam Province, in central Viet Nam. It represents a vivid picture of an important phase of the history of Vietnam, the South East Asia region and its confluence with India. The heritage was recognized as a National Site in 1979 by the Ministry of Culture of Vietnam and as a Special National Site in 2009 by the Government of Vietnam. In 1999, World Heritage Committee of UNESCO inscribed the site as a world heritage site.

The Governments of India and Vietnam entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for conservation and restoration of the World Heritage Site at My Son in 2014. Archaeological Survey of India which is a premier government organization for archaeology and heritage protection, was assigned the task of conservation and restoration work of A, H & K temples at the My Son Sanctuary. Following the approval of the detailed project reports prepared by ASI, the Government of India deputed a team of specialists on site from 2017 to 2022 to take up conservation and restoration works of identified A, H & K Group of Temples as per carefully established methodology, investigations and specifically designed restoration techniques.

By December 2022, the conservation and restoration work has been completed successfully in consultation with the My Son Management Board under the Quang Nam province of Vietnam and it has been reviewed by the Embassy of India, Hanoi; Government of India and ASI Headquarter, New Delhi

The conservation and restoration work at ‘A’ group of temples, which is the most sophisticated among the three blocks, began during the 2020 working session. After due investigation, survey and documentation of the structure, the ASI took up initial cleaning of the surface which helped assess the defects over the wall area. The decayed mortar was then removed carefully, brick layers were studied and cracks were stitched properly. All loose materials were removed with a wire brush and wetted surface. Bricks were laid on a bed of mortar delicately and set in position by gently pressing with the handle of a trowel and using plastic hammer. During the process of conservation inside the sanctum of temple A10, a magnificent Shiva Linga was discovered and in the Garbhagriha of A13 Temple, a Lord Shiva Idol and Yoni Pitha were found. All these structures have been restored to preserve this unique heritage.

The work was completed smoothly and successfully due to the healthy support and excellent collaboration between the management teams deployed by the Department of Culture of the Quang Nam province and the specialists from the Archaeological Survey of India. The two sides agreed on the importance of the conservation and restoration work of the rich heritage valued by the governments of India and Vietnam and possible opportunities for the future.

Hanoi 20 December 2022