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Ambassador’s Remarks at the India-Vietnam Defence Industry Cooperation Webinar Organized by FICCI

Posted on: April 20, 2021 | Back | Print

Lt Gen Tran Hong Minh, Chairman of Vietnam’s General Department of Defence Industries,

Shri Anurag Bajpai, JS Defence Industry Promotion,

Shri Arun T Ramchandani, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), Defence & Aerospace Committee,

Delegates from India’s FICCI, Vietnam’s General Department of Defence Industry (GDDI), and Indian Defence Companies participating in this webinar,

A very good morning and Xin Chao !

2. At the outset, I would like to thank our Department of Defence Production, Vietnam’s General Department of Defence Industries and FICCI for organizing this webinar & Expo. It reflects our mutual interest in promoting defence industry cooperation between our two countries.

3. It is also propitious that we are holding this event at a time when we are celebrating the fifth anniversary of the India-Vietnam Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, fiftieth anniversary of our diplomatic relations and the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence.

4. Defence and security cooperation between India and Vietnam is an important pillar of our Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and reflects the deep levels of mutual trust and understanding that exist between us. Today, our Defence engagements have diversified to wide ranging contacts between our services, including high level visits, capacity building initiatives and training programs.  Our future Defence cooperation will be guided by the historic “Joint Vision for Peace, Prosperity and People” that was adopted by our Prime Ministers at the Virtual Summit on 21 Dec 2021 in which they affirmed that enhanced Defence & Security partnership between India and Vietnam will be an important factor of stability in the Indo-Pacific Region.

5. In the Joint Vision, our leaders also expressed the resolve to intensify our defence industry collaboration building on India’s defence credit lines extended to Vietnam. Indeed, an important facet of our Defence engagement with Vietnam today is the fast growing industrial and technological collaboration.  And there is great potential for cooperation in this area for several reasons.

6. First, our defence industry cooperation is both driven by -- as well as contributes to -- mutual trust and confidence. Second, the Defence forces of both our countries have significant similarity of platforms. Indian Defence forces have been operating these for a long time and have proven capabilities in supporting these systems. Third, our Defence industries have proven capabilities in defence manufacturing, which are comparable to the best in the world. Lastly but most importantly, our Defence Industries are keen to partner with Vietnam to share their expertise and experience. I am confident that both sides will work to convert this potential into reality.

7. Our Defence Industry Cooperation has already made a sound beginning on the platform of the two Indian Defence Lines of Credit to Vietnam – one for 100 million dollar and another for US$ 500 million. The US$ 100 million Line of Credit being used to build 12 High Speed Guard Boats has significantly advanced in recent months, with the first boat delivered to Vietnam in December 2020 at the time of the Virtual Summit between our leaders.  Five boats are being constructed in India, while the remaining seven are being constructed in Vietnam, which will significantly contribute to Vietnam’s defence manufacturing sector.

8. I had the privilege recently to be invited to the Hong Ha Shipyard by the General Department of Defence Industries (GDDI) to participate in a ceremony connected with these High-Speed Guard Boats being constructed in Vietnam. The project is well on track to be completed this year. Similarly, we are working with Vietnamese authorities to expeditiously complete the procedural requirements and implement the projects under the US$ 500 million Defence Line of Credit.

9. I am convinced that the success of these two defence Lines of Credit will instill new confidence on both side in actively working with each other and will pave the way for many more such successful collaborations in defence industry.

10. I am also confident that today’s event will yield positive outcomes. I am thankful to Vietnam’s GDDI for spelling out in advance their specific requirements from our Defence Industry. These have been conveyed by us to our Indian Defence companies. I am hopeful that our Defence companies will be able to deliver their presentation keeping in perspective the requirements projected by the Vietnamese side, while also offering new ideas.

11. I would urge both sides to not consider this as a one-off event. Please consider today’s event as an introductory interaction. It would be very useful if both sides maintain sustained engagement. So long as COVID-19 prevents physical engagement, I would suggest that we continue with such webinars to stay engaged. This would allow us to better understand each other’s requirements and capabilities, resulting in concrete outcomes. From our side, we would like to assure that the Embassy of India in Hanoi will always remain available to extend any assistance you may need.

12. I once again thank you for giving me this opportunity to join this webinar and speak to you. I am sure you will have a fruitful discussion and come out with concrete outcomes to be followed upon. 

13. Please accept my best wishes for your good health and success.

Thank you! Xin Cam On !