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Ambassador's interview with Vietnam Plus on the Eve of 2024 New Year

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Ambassador Sandeep Arya (fourth from left) attended the performance of Indian music group Tetseo Sisters in Hanoi.  (Photo: PV/Vietnam+)

Indian Ambassador: I was surprised by the similarities in the cultural value systems of the two countries

The Indian Ambassador said that the similarities in the cultural value systems of the two countries are reflected in daily activities in families such as: Respecting elders, ancestors, appreciating family affection...

In 2022, Vietnam and India celebrate 50 years of establishing diplomatic relations (January 7, 1972 - January 7, 2022), but because of the COVID-19 epidemic, many activities have been moved to 2023.

On the eve of the new year 2024, Indian Ambassador Sandeep Arya looked back on an exciting year with cultural exchange events between the two countries and shared with VietnamPlus Electronic Newspaper reporters about the prospects for cooperation between the two countries during this period. next time.

The two countries share many heritages

- Dear Ambassador, can you highlight some outstanding highlights of cooperation between Vietnam and India in 2023?

Ambassador Sandeep Arya: The strong friendship between the two countries over the years is not only reflected in the close relationship between the two Governments or leaders at all levels but is also continuously maintained at all levels. Businesses and people always trust, understand and encourage each other.

In recent decades, the two countries have focused on cooperation between localities to deepen their diplomatic relationship.

Ambassador Sandeep Arya at a press meeting about International Yoga Day 2023. (Photo: Minh Thu/Vietnam+)

In 2023, delegations from many provinces and cities of Vietnam such as Lao Cai, Can Tho, Gia Lai, Khanh Hoa, An Giang, Ninh Thuan, Phu Yen, Tien Giang, Binh Dinh, Ba Ria-Vung Tau visited and work with Indian localities.

Similarly, representatives of the state governments of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Telengana have come to Vietnam to promote economic cooperation, tourism and other fields.

The Indian Embassy in Hanoi, the Indian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City and the Indian Chamber of Business also actively participate in exchange activities with Vietnamese localities.

Thereby, we deploy "Quick Impact Projects" to support the construction of school facilities, medical infrastructure, rural infrastructure and welfare centers. social benefit.

In 2024, we will continue to develop economic, social and cultural partnerships at the local level.

- In 2023, with the echoes of the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations, many people-to-people exchange programs will take place in both countries. How does the Ambassador evaluate these events?

Ambassador Sandeep Arya: The respect, sincere affection and great support between the people of India and Vietnam originate from the common heritage of Buddhist thought, Yoga, and cultural exchanges since ancient times. leaving its mark on many monuments, spread across dozens of provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Today, the people of the two countries still maintain interest in each other's culture and arts. That is the basis for strengthening mutual understanding, thereby promoting deeper and stronger friendship.

- In your opinion, what are the bright spots in cultural cooperation between the two countries?

Ambassador Sandeep Arya: Every year, the Indian Government provides about 50 university-level scholarships and 200 short-term training courses in India for Vietnamese students and experts. Besides, many Indian cultural performances are also held in Vietnam and vice versa.

It is gratifying that this year's International Yoga Day is being held in 35 locations across Vietnam. Tourism is also growing thanks to more than 50 direct flights per week between India and Vietnam. I also realize that the two countries have potential for cooperation in the fields of cinema and television.

Indian experts helped 'revive' a cluster of towers at My Son Sanctuary. (Photo: VNA)

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the field of heritage conservation - a highlight in cooperation to preserve the connection between the ancient civilizations of the two countries.

Specifically, over the past 5 years, the Indian Institute of Archeology has cooperated with Quang Nam province to restore the group of towers A, H and K at My Son Sanctuary. This project component has been completed and handed over to the locality in December 2022.

In the future, Indian experts will continue to support Vietnam in three heritage conservation projects at Dong Duong Buddhist Monastery in Quang Nam, Nhan Tower in Phu Yen and F tower group in My Son Sanctuary.

You will experience traditional Vietnamese dishes and go to temples during Tet

- The Ambassador has spent one year in office in Vietnam. What is your impression of Vietnamese culture, nature and people?

Ambassador Sandeep Arya: During one year in Vietnam, I was surprised by the similarities in the cultural value systems, beliefs, customs and traditions of the two countries. These things are expressed through daily activities in families, respectful attitudes towards elders, ancestors, gods and appreciation of family affection.

In addition, the similarities in the hospitality, openness, and friendliness of the people of the two countries are also quite clear.

Vietnam is a rapidly developing country. The vibrant pace of life, energy, and desire to integrate with the world of people, especially young people, also remind me of my homeland and the youth of India.

What touches me the most is the deep affection of Vietnamese people for the country and people of India, which I see everywhere I go.

I will endeavor to contribute to maintaining that good feeling during my term in this beautiful country.

Venerable Elder Thich Tri Quang received Ambassador Sandeep Arya in Hue. (Photo: Giacngo.vn)

- Lunar New Year Giap Thin is also approaching. How will the Ambassador experience Vietnamese Tet this year?

Ambassador Sandeep Arya: I know Lunar New Year is the most important traditional festival in Vietnam. On this occasion, I would like to send my most sincere congratulations to readers of VietnamPlus Electronic Newspaper.

For me, Tet is an opportunity to nurture family affection, renew one's energy and look forward to a better future.

Vietnamese Tet reminds me of traditional Indian festivals. We also go to temples, burn incense to pray to gods, offer fruits and flowers, and remember our ancestors. It is also an occasion for family reunions, wearing new clothes and visiting relatives and friends.

This Year of the Dragon, I will enjoy some traditional Vietnamese dishes, which will definitely include banh chung. I also plan to try cooking some traditional Vietnamese dishes at home and go to the temple with my family to burn incense and pray for good things for the new year.

- Thank you very much and wish the Ambassador a good new year.