About Us Consular Fees & Processing Time

The time required to process various applications depends upon the type of service sought, nationality and place of stay of the applicant. Normally all Miscellaneous Services are rendered within 24 hours provided all documents and Passport details are in order. Processing time starts from the date on which all prescribed documents and the prescribed fee are received in the Embassy provided these are received in the forenoon. If the documents and fee are received in the afternoon, the processing time starts from the forenoon of the next working day.

S. No.


Processing Time


Visa for Vietnamese nationals and foreigners with residency in Vietnam

 03 working days


Visa for other Nationals

05 working days


Fresh issue/Renewal of Machine Readable Passport

15 working days


Issue of OCI

 50 working  days


*Attestation and PCC

03 working days

*Application for attestation of Certificates will be accepted only after interview of the applicant and due verification of the documents. 


1.  Emergency Visas for applicants who are Vietnamese nationals and foreigners with residency in Vietnam can be issued on the same day or the next working day for an additional emergency fee of VND 2,300,000/-. 

2. Application for Tatkal Passport will be accepted with an additional Tatkal Fee of VND 2,300,000/-.  The processing time for Tatkal Passport is 7 working days

Applicants are requested to avoid calling the Embassy to check the status of their applications before the due date.

Fees for Miscellaneous Consular Services: [All fees will be collected in local currency (VND) w.e.f. 11 November 2019]

Fee for Police Clearance Certificate (VND 575,000/-)
Attestation of Educational certificates  (VND 230,000/-)
Power of Attorney and Sworn affidavit fees  (VND 575,000/-)
Attestation of Commercial documents: (1,150,000/-)

Starting from 11 November, all fees will be accepted in Vietnam Dong only. Applicants can pay their fees through online bank transfer only. (Fees in cash will be accepted in some special cases only) 

For all above services Miscellaneous service form is to be filled and photocopy of the applicant’s Passport is to be attached.